One thought on “Bullying Prevention Takes Time to Implement, But Worth The Effort

  1. I am 100% behind the efforts of educating in hopes of preventing such tragedy. Implementing LAWS to bring an awareness to accountability.
    What are your thoughts on WORK PLACE BULLYING? Especially.. what takes place in healthcare facilities? Please join us in supporting I have been in healthcare here on the Cape for over 25 years. What ever adjective we place on this behavior certainly does not match the severe consequences it has not only on the target, but the family as well. The economic instability it creates only adds to this dysfunctional behavior. Rep. Ellen Story, Sen. Katherine Clark along with many other legislators have joined in on our sincere efforts in establishing a LAW against this not so silent epidemic..”Silence Impedes Solutions” I spoke out against this behavior, and both my son who is an RN suffered the greatest consequence. This should not be the case. Dr. Masiello I hope you somehow get this. Fondly, Gail

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