More About Dr. Matt

AmazingKidslogoMatthew Masiello, MD, MPH, FAAP
Chief Medical Officer
Specialty: Pediatrics
Appointments and Referrals: 412-420-2371
Biographical Summary:
Matthew G. Masiello, MD, MPH, FAAP serves as Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of Care Coordination at the Childrens Institute of Pittsburgh. He also maintains his position as the Director, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (CHPDP), located in Windber, PA.
Dr. Masiello has led his clinical and public health teams in the support, development and implementation of a multitude of evidence based, clinical/health promotion initiatives. These programs now extend throughout Pennsylvania, nationally as well as internationally. They include child bullying prevention, clinical health promotion initiatives for the pediatric asthma population, childhood obesity and injury prevention initiatives, medical home development, worksite wellness programs, community need assessments, program evaluation services, and coordinated school health council development.
Dr. Masiello has had the opportunity to present his work nationally and internationally through peer review journals, reports and national presentations. In 2012, he was awarded the Pennsylvania Public Health Association Keystone Award for Distinguished Service in Public Health. Other awards of note have been the SAFE KIDS 1996 Physician of the Year, Allegheny County Safe Kids Coalition, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May, 1996; the Champion Award, Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November, 1996 and the American Trauma Society, Pennsylvania Division, Hershey, Pennsylvania, May, 1995.
In addition to Dr. Masiello’s international medical degree his pediatric medical training was at Bridgeport Hospital and Yale University with a pediatric critical care fellowship at Harvard University, Boston Children’s Hospital. His master’s degree in public health was earned at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

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