About Dr. Masiello

Dr. Masiello is a pediatrician with additional training in critical care medicine. In 2004 he received his masters of public health degree from the George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services. Presently, he serves as Director of the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, at the Windber Research Institute (WRI), in Windber, PA.  His team of public health professionals develop and implement large population based public health initiatives. The programs and grants he has been able to develop, identify and implement, address such issues as childhood obesity, the human rights of children in a war time setting, violence and injuries in children, post traumatic stress in our military and worksite wellness.  WRI presently serves as a key partner in the largest U.S. implementation and evaluation of  an internationally recognized evidence based bullying prevention program. By 2012, this project will reach approximately 230,000 school children in Pennsylvania 400 school buildings, more than 17,000 teachers, and over 340,000 parents.

Over the past two decades Dr. Masiello has had the opportunity to comment on health promotion and disease prevention issues at various national and international forums and through numerous publications and reports. He serves on the governance board of the World Health Organization Health Promoting Hospital Network. Academically, he is on the faculty of St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA as an Adjunct Professor for Graduate Health Studies with a similar position at St Francis University in Loretto, PA. He serves as a consultant in the development of undergraduate public health curriculums.

His pediatric practice now consists of supporting Somerset Hospital with their pediatric program. He also serves as Medical Director of the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown Health Clinic.

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