Welcome pediatric colleagues

Today, pediatricians, must step up to be politically and socially more active in addressing gun violence in America. The AAP and we, as individual pediatricians obligated to keep our children safe and healthy, have been failing; worse, we have been silent.

Today, I am on the search for at least one pediatrician from each state. I will not move forward until we have identified that first 50. I ask that for this first cadre of pediatric activists you  have a degree in public health and at least five years of developing community based initiatives.

I  ask that you be willing to collaborate and sacrifice.

I ask that you send me that one significant paragragh about yourself and another on how this first group of healthcare activists will move deliberately and decisively to stop the carnage of our children, teens and young adults as well as the  inaction by our politicians and leaders of our  professional health organizations.

I will be back to you in a week.



One thought on “Welcome pediatric colleagues

  1. Although I am not a physician, I support your initiative and hope those who qualify will sign up to add their voices to your cause. Your leadership matters!

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