A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention

A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention will serve as a practical, sustainable, cost-efficient strategy to tackle bullying. More importantly, it may be the best approach to providing legitimate and sustainable hope to our children at a time when bullying is becoming increasingly more difficult to tackle.

This book presents a public health approach to bullying prevention in a comprehensive and deliberate manner. Formal public health strategies have been used to combat infectious disease epidemics, tobacco use, and motor vehicle injuries. When applied to bullying, public health strategies provide a scientific approach to community planning, the use of evidence-based programs, coalition development, and the ability to change the culture in a school and community to one that is positive and strong. This text will serve as invaluable resource to parents and professionals looking for advice on specific facets of school-based bullying.

Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Public-Health-Approach-Bullying-Prevention/dp/0875530419

A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention is a valuable resource on how to assess, apply, and evaluate public health interventions to reduce bullying and violence in schools. Anyone intending to launch a bullying prevention program should begin by reading this book. —Donald S. Burke, MD, Dean, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh


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